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Flex MBA Career Statistics

The Flex MBA Program is made up of students currently employed in a variety of professional capacities who are pursuing their MBA to enhance their future opportunities and options in their growing careers. Alongside many other motivators, students in the Flex MBA Program are seeking to:

  • Position themselves for advancement within their current organizations
  • Prepare to seek new, challenging roles at top employers
  • Gain strategic tools to start their own business or up the game for a business they’ve already launched
  • Grow their professional network through relationships with peers, Tribe alumni, faculty, and Executive Partners
Business school requires a large investment of time and financial resources. But our Flex MBA students know that by earning their degree they will accelerate their career without interrupting their professional momentum. Many of our students are promoted into higher level positions before they ever graduate from the program because the Flex MBA Program is designed so students don’t have to wait until they complete the degree to begin applying their strategic-level knowledge. According to the Executive MBA Council, the return on investment for a professional MBA program is only three years, so the Flex MBA Program at William & Mary is an excellent investment that will pay dividends early and sustainably across your career.

Meet Our Alumni

M Macone headshot
Melaina Macone
AJ Wynn headshot
AJ Wynn
L Soles headshot
Lauren Soles
C Anthony headshot
Carmen Anthony
L Subramanian headshot
Larry Subramanian