Earn an MSBA Your Way

It takes just two semesters to join the big data revolution

Why William & Mary?

  • We create leaders who are expert-level scientists and effective strategists
  • Our masters in business analytics is designed to, in just two semesters, provide you with advanced business analytics and Big Data competencies
  • 1/3 of the curriculum is AI and Machine Learning
  • Access job search resources through the GCMC
  • Capstone replicates a complex business challenge under real-world conditions
  • Receive expert mentorship from 150+ Executive Partners
Key Highlights:
  • 2 semesters to complete your degree
  • 3 quantitative prerequisites can be completed during Boot Camp
  • Four key competencies: Business Acumen, Applied Mathematics, Computing Technologies, Communicating with Impact
  • Two Machine Learning courses and one Artificial Intelligence course
  • Dedicated career support through the Graduate Career Management Center

Why Business Analytics?

Why an MSBA?

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