The Executive Partner Program

Access decades of corporate leadership experience

A personal touch

Look anywhere across William & Mary's business programs and you’ll find Executive Partners engaging with students every day.

You’ll see them in the classroom and at student club events, serving on career panels, engaging in mock interviews, taking you on field trips to major corporations, evaluating your experiential learning module deliverables, and helping you hone that all-important two-minute elevator pitch.

Here are some more ways each of our business degree programs engage with Executive Partners:

Executive Partners certainly have the most robust footprint in the Full-Time MBA program. Each student is assigned a personal coach or coaches prior to matriculating. That coach focuses on providing personalized career mentorship, especially in the first few sessions of the program. EPs help their students during The Principled Professional Course to develop a leadership assessment profile, network analysis, and career plan. EPs also provide support during experiential learning opportunities like Cash for Clunkers and Spring Week, as well as contribute their expertise in Career Accelerated Modules (CAMs), the Entrepreneurship Center, and the Field Consultancy project. Additionally, EPs lend their networking and professional advice during walk-in hours at the Graduate Career Management Center, reviewing resumes, conducting mock interviews, and giving students advice on their job searches.

Master of Accounting students get the valuable insight Executive Partners have on the field of accounting during their full-time employment searches. EPs with contacts in the Big Four, consultancy firms and other accounting agencies around the world help students connect with recruiters and hiring managers. EPs also provided interviewing prep and serve as vital evaluators of the final presentations during Sprint Weeks.

Both the residential and online Master of Science in Business Analytics students have the opportunity to develop mentorship relationships through an informal process leading up to orientation. MSBA students can leverage EPs expertise in the growing field of analytics requesting feedback during mock interviews and advice on how to navigate the nebulous industry of data analytics.

EPs are vital to the success of our Part-Time MBA students, especially those students who are switching industries or careers. EPs are often found visiting the Peninsula Center campus to provide students professional, focused support. In addition to mentorship, EPs leverage technology to conduct virtual mock interviews for busy Part-Time MBA students as well as reviewing resumes and tailoring job search skill development.

Though our Executive MBA students are on campus only two weekends a month, they can receive personal support from our EPs on demand, and our annual Executive MBA/Executive Partner Golf Scramble focuses on building important networking skills outside of the classroom (and outside of the office). Additionally, EPs can be found interacting with Executive MBA students at many of the networking opportunities on-campus and in Washington, DC throughout the duration of the 18-month program.

Online MBA students benefit from the Executive Partner program primarily during their residency weekends. EPs are integral to the weekend-long experience on campus, attending sessions with students, networking at the events hosted by the program, and acting as expert advisors for the students as they develop their 1-credit presentations at the end of the weekend.

Even our undergraduate business school students can take advantage of the Executive Partner program. EPs help with professional development by networking and conducting interview preparation events for each new class of majors and minors as well as during the Diversity in the Workplace course. EPs support classroom programs like Experience Week, the undergraduate equivalent of Sprint Week, and Case Competitions. EPs hold walk-in hours at the Cohen Career Center, the undergraduate resource for professional life. And EPs are heavily involved in the undergraduate-centric Boehley Center and Entrepreneurship Center, working closely with students on their projects.

The Executive Partners play an integral role in the International Student Experience. EPs serve as a personal contact for international students in the full-time MBA program as they transition to Williamsburg. They’re available to answer questions about American culture, living in the United States and often serve as the welcoming committee for International Students as they acclimate on campus. EPs often host International Students for dinner in their homes, coordinate moral boosting excursions, and offer an empathetic ear and advice.

An invaluable asset

Whatever program you’re in, and at whatever stage, EPs are available to help you. Their insight is invaluable. They bring real-world perspective, advice, friendship, and a helping hand. Make use of what our Executive Partners offer and you’ll break out from the pack – get noticed – get hired – and go on to lead. 

That’s the W&M Advantage.